Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 4 Training Progress

Well, a whole month of official Triathlete training!!  I feel really good about the progress I am making.  I feel really good about the training choices I am making.  I have been really flexible about what discipline I do what day.  This far out – that is fine.  I am doing things I really – really enjoy and making sure I don’t overtax the knees.   Here is how it shook out (and yeah, my first red day)

The weather is holding here in Chicago so I hopped on the bike to get to and from work.  I am up for a promotion so burning off as much nervous energy as I can before hitting the door is a good thing!  I just loving seeing the city come awake as I ride in and all day I look forward to hopping back on to take the long way home.
Thursday was rest day.  I have been allowing myself two cheat meals a week – not binges, but one dinner and one breakfast that I don’t feel guilty about.  I had been doing that on Thursday because it was my rest day.  But, I think it would be better on Wednesday.  By the time Wednesday comes around I am STARVING!!!  And on average have burned over 800 calories for the last six days.  Also, having a heavy meal on Thursday night seems to make me sluggish on Friday.  Thursday I can recover from my cheat meal, too.
I made myself a couple biking goals for the weekend.  One was to ride all three days regardless of weather and to have a 30 mile ride.  Friday morning  I woke up and had a great 5k run/walk and felt strong all day while I worked.  As soon as I could get away from the JOB I hopped on the bike and put in just over 25 miles.  I miscalculated my route home and missed the 30.  That’s ok, it was an AWESOME ride!  Really proud of this two a day work out.  I ate well and planned my food to stay within my limits, fuel my work outs and not leave me hungry.
Saturday I had planned to ride with a friend, but it was WINDY!!  I started out the day with an hour walk with a few run patches.  The knees weren’t hurting but were ‘tender’ so I kept it on the walk side.  When my friend bailed I got out anyway.  I only 11 miles, but the wind was so bad I couldn’t get much over 12mph.  I was proud that I got out, regardless of the distance.  Another two a day J
Sunday I cashed in my cheat breakfast.  I love to have a Sunday morning breakfast out with the girls and really did enjoy it.  I got home from that and had to work a bit, but got in a nice long ride… still not the DARN 30!!  I just couldn’t go any more when I hit my turn around point.  I sat on the rocks by the water, enjoyed my Kind bar and some tunes before heading back.  I logged 26 for the day and averaged closer to 15mph.  This is best average so far.  The total weekend was 62 bike miles and over 6 miles walk/ran… that is pretty damn good for me!!
Monday… Yeah, that red day… We have people in from out of town, I had a new consultant start, and my new boss (Oh, I got the job) was in town to do some orientation.  I had plans for dinner after work, team stuff over lunch and didn’t make time to work out.  I wish I had gotten up early and got it done.  I have to be better about that on super crazy days.
This has been the swim day on my calendar but I am putting that off til I get over my first 5k in November.  Still people in at the office, after work dinners, working lunches… But I did manage time at the gym – 30 minutes on the stationary bike (those seats SUCK!) and 30 on the elliptical.  Not the best work outs I have had, but I got them in!  And that counts!!

I am on the road this weekend and going to try to hit the gym while visiting family, but might have to move things around.  It feels good to have a goal and a focus.

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