Friday, October 10, 2014

Who inspires me this week? SWIM BIKE MOM

(I stole this from her poster page… hope she forgives me)

My natural reaction to something new is to inhale as much information as humanly possible.  I can be obsessive…. That’s ok, it is how I function.
So when I was thinking about finally giving a Triathlon a …. Try, I read and read and read and read a bit more. I have been amazed to find so many inspiring bloggers and tweeters (is that what they say??)  I found a page that listed a whole bunch of Chicago Tri Bloggers whom immediate followed on Twitter and spend days reading their blogs. But then I found Swim Bike Mom and I found a soul sister J
She is real, and funny, and chubby, and honest and an Ironman!!!  She has training plans, and tips and ideas and this awesome page dedicated to Real Peoples Stories.  I read these and see a bit of myself in every single one.  I just love that SWM puts all of this inspiration in one place.
I love her race recaps… They help you know immediately if this is a course you would ever want to do.  But more than that she really does a good job of telling us all what each leg was like.  Where she hit her issues and the best parts and what she will refine next time.  The time and effort she puts into giving us all this info is really amazing to me.
Thanks Swim Bike Mom – you truly inspired me this week!!!

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