Friday, October 17, 2014

Who Inspires Me Friday… Linsey Corbin

Seriously, I have the biggest girl crush on Linsey Corbin… it is a little weird!  Most of the people I follow on this path to becoming a triathlete are more like me.  They are mothers, full time corporate gals, some are chubby…er curvy like me.  But this woman is a FULL TIME athlete.  This blows my mind.
Her focus all day, every day is making herself a BEAST!  I don’t really envy people, but I do fantasize what would it be like to get out of bed and instead of conference calls you have a whole day of training.  I am pretty sure this old grandma couldn’t physically take it… but it would be cool as shit to try for a day!  I keep thinking in the back of my head when I get close to the first tri this spring I might just do it that way one Saturday and Sunday. 
And then there is her pain cave… I have more than fantasies about this.  I am a very lucky single girl in the city of Chicago in that I have three bedrooms all to myself.  This winter, I am 99.99% sure one of them will be my pain cave.  (To everyone who complains I am giving up ‘your spare bedroom in the city’… How many times have you slept there???)  I have already ordered the trainer.  Her cave is in a garage (I think) and very clean and crisp.  Mine will be a bit more me, colorful and cluttered.  I am going to print/find motivational phrases… I love that stuff… and hang them up.  Drag in a TV or at least a laptop for marathon Walking Dead/bike sessions. 
She seems to always be smiling, maybe that is because her handsome hubby does a lot of her filming I'd smile for that cutie, too!! But I have the sense she appreciates she is strong and powerful and fortunate to have such an opportunity.  Smile more… yeah, basically a good idea I can emulate.  After all, my life is equally a fortunate, though in different ways.
This Saturday watching the Ironman World Championships in Kona I really admired her spirit.  She didn’t have the swim she wanted and that meant getting on the bike mentally she was in a deficit.  Still, she powered on and had a sub 3 hour marathon after an otherwise disappointing day (to her).  I found every single step inspiring.  (I was so bummed when the phone doing her tweeting died!!!) The physical power to complete such a daunting task – with that kind of grace – truly is Awesome.  So inspiring, in fact, mid IMKona viewing I found myself outside for a 5k walk/run of my own.
That is what her attitude and style does for me – it encourages me to take one more step. 
(I stole the picture above from her website…. Hope she forgives me… even if I am a little bit girl crush crazy!!)

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