Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week Two Progress - Training and Rambling

Green boxes mean I completed the training I had scheduled.  This is loosely based on Swim Bike Mom's training plan.  I am having a hard time with 'strength'.  I am not comfortable in 'that area' of the gym... at all.  I am substituting a core work out at home for now.  Right now, that is ok - but I am going to have to get over this.  I have increased my calories on My Fitness Pal to 1350 a day and don't eat more than 50% of my calories earned from training.  I give myself 2 meals a week where I don't stress.  I don't binge - but I don't stress.
My goal is not weight loss.  I am kind of happy with the body I have.  It is curvy and feminine, though, it does frustrate me that I don't qualify as 'fit' to the common male eye.  But, hey, who wants common :)  My body goals are to A) Love the skin I am in TODAY B) Feel strong and powerful in this body.  That is it.  No jean size, no scale number, no Hollywood definition of beauty.  I am defining beauty for me.
Any rate... rant over....
Green boxes mean I did the training I said I would.  I kept a commitment to myself. Not a trainer, not a friend, not a workout buddy - I said I would do X and I did it... because I can!
Recap the week (Thursday is usually my off day so my week is Thursday-Wednesday)
Thursday was an off day.  Strange as it sounds, in all the diet/exercise/get in shape days of my life... I have never planned a rest day.  It was so nice to watch some TV, putz around the house and not feel guilty.  Not feel like I 'should' be at the gym.  I was giving the very worn out muscles a rest.  And that was part of the training plan.  How freaking cool is that!
Friday: Swim… I focused on time.  I wanted to know just how long it took me to swim 440 meters (18 minutes) I did about 6 laps on my back, which is more than I would like.  But I was getting much better at keeping my face in the water and breathing.  Progress is good.  FRIDAY BONUS… since it was a nice day and they are quickly leaving the Chicago area, I got on the bike in the afternoon.  I had a good ride, averaged 14.5 which is improvement over the 12.5 I tend to average.  (Did have an ex sighting… but I didn’t break down and I don’t think he recognized me, but that was first and kind of caught me by surprise as he didn’t used to ride at that time of day… no break down means another win for me).  Gave it 18 miles and ended up at the shop where I bought my bike for some much needed tweaking and education… I had NO idea you had to check the air in the tires so often!  My dad did like once a summer!  Oh well, the guys at Performance Cycle on Halsted/Diversey were great to me and not the least bit condescending.  More of my crush on this cycling life J  Yes, the bike pump has been delivered and I will use it faithfully, I promise!
Saturday: Guilty Pleasure Day!!!  I love the Ironman World Championship… LOVE LOVE LOVE I got up early to ride and mercifully the Chicago Marathon runners were having a taper day so they didn’t clog the path.  Another good day with a 14.5 ave and logged 17 miles – which felt great on my newly aired tires!!  HOLY COW what a difference some air makes.  I also had to work (IT go lives on the weekend suck!) but this gave me the excuse to watch the whole race!  I have a girl crush on Linsey Corbin, she is always smiling, so real and I WANT her pain cave!  I digress…. I was rooting for her big time.  But the whole race was so inspiring.  So much so that I got up off my duff and logged a 5k run/walk somewhere around the 5 hour mark.
Sunday: Hit the pool for a nice quiet swim.  Focused on technique and not time/distance. Spent the afternoon walking and chatting with a good friend in a pretty little area near home.
Monday: Crappy day (most of the week has been rainy/blah) so I ran 5k on the elliptical in 35 min.  Which was great, really felt accomplished.  Just need to learn to translate that to the pavement.  Also signed up for a 5k… never have done this before and I figure if I am going to be a triathlete a 5k should happen J  This one has Chocolate at the end!!
Tuesday: This is the only morning I am hitting the gym before work.  As a single person with an empty nest, I have the luxury of evening workouts.  However, the lap times at my gym aren’t great and I find mornings to be pretty quiet, I rarely have to share.  So Tuesday I get up 30 minutes earlier and slog to the gym for a good swim.  This week I logged 520 meters at 20 minutes with only about 4 laps on my back.  I just love that every single time I feel a bit stronger!  I felt so great I got outside for a 25 minute run/walk in a light drizzle over lunch. Dinner was off the plan – but that is ok.  Much needed laughs and adult beverages with a great friend.
Great week!!  Despite the weather, weekend work and ex spotting.  Every time I hit it – I went longer or faster or stronger or all three. 
There is a triathlete in here… I can just feel her getting out.

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