Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Why a Triathlon???

Why take on something so massive as training for three sports to compete in one race, essentially against only myself?  It is real simple…and super complicated.
The short answer is – I got my heart broke - - - -Big time this summer and needed something healthy to obsess about.  I firmly believe “Food is the most abused anti-anxiety and Endorphins the most underutilized anti-depressant.”  I had to do SOMETHING… While intellectually I knew that the heart would heal, I needed to kick start the process.
So I bought a bike (we are getting to the more complicated part now).  I had been thinking about it for a year or so.  I have very bad knees and the ortho had been nagging me to stop the 8 mile a day power walks.  But the ex… the heart breaker who shall not be named… ever – is an avid cyclist.  I did not, I mean I DID NOT want to run into him on a bike.  See, the best place for good cardio in Chicago is the Lakefront - and we all share it.  I was seeing him on my daily walks with irritating regularity.  This upset me all over again every single time.  I didn’t want him to see me on a bike and think it had anything to do with him.  All kinds of crap in my head.
So I bought a bike, and it kind of sat around except for the days I knew could ride without ‘being caught’.  I have several girl friends who ride and rode with one of them a few times to get the hang of ‘lake front’ riding – it is a little different from what I did in suburbia as a kid.  Then one day I had a GREAT ride.  Down the lakefront, over the hump at DuSable and felt like a kid, I was HOOKED on the bike.  I felt free, and happy, and alive in a way I hadn’t in months.  Forget Whatshisname…. I am a biker now!
I started riding to work a couple days a week  and felt like a rockstar when I got to the office.  After months of only showing up 2 ish days a week, I was looking for reasons to ride in every single day I could! (rain and winder >15mph find this girl on the train)
I was all set to ride the North Shore Century – a ¼ of it, but had real anxiety about an ex run in.  Mercifully, it was super cold and windy so I bailed.  That day I realized, outdoor cycling cannot be my key to physical and or mental wellness, the weather plays too big a role.  But like anyone who used to be an athlete can relate – once that endorphin rush comes back, you NEED it!  So I hauled back to the gym.  But I dreaded ‘working out’.  Like most women of an age… My weight fluctuates and I am sick and tired of the battle.  Then I saw this on pinterest and seriously,  my  mind shifted in that single minute.
athletes eat and train

Yeah… That is what I was missing.  I needed to be in training for something.  Not a big bike ride, doctor advised against a big walk, but a Triathlon… now that scares the crap out of me.  It had been on a bucket list I made years ago (which I still have the physical copy of) and I just knew I needed to focus on this.  I could swim on crappy days, ride to work and relearn how to run on good days.  Yeah, a lot fewer excuses…
I spent a few days googling training plans, finding people to follow on blogs and twitter, created my own plan and I am off and running – and swimming, and biking, and core training and strength training J

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