Friday, October 24, 2014

Who Inspires Me Friday... My Sister in Law Mrs Hand

I was thinking earlier this week who I was going to post as my inspiration this week… honestly I stalk so many tweeters/facebookers/bloggers I have a wealth to pick from. It seems like everyone adds a bit to my training plan – good or bad! But as I was thinking about it… I received an email from my sister in law…
DUH! She has totally motivated me… I have been emailing her for a week or so on how to display her race bibs (fishing for Christmas ideas… I am kinda crafty if you didn’t know that) She is … among other impressive things like; yoga instructor, mother of two handsome boys under three, avid reader, closet TV junkie and wife to my CRAZY brother… a runner.
She and her sister have been running 5k races for at least two years. I love that she and her sister get to share this together. What an awesome way to enhance that bond?!?! The competitive nature of siblings, the unconditional love and support must be wonderful motivation and inspiration to her.
She posts the required racelfie and is always I mean ALWAYS grinning from ear to ear at the end of a race.  I love an athlete who smiles :)  I am so inspired that she and her sister were able to go from non-runners to having completed several races.
When I have signed up for my first 5k in November I shot her and her sister an email to see if they wanted to join (I mean … come on, there is chocolate fondue at the end of the Hot Chocolate race… who can’t run to chocolate!)  We won't run together this time, but maybe another one.
I didn’t tell her I was posting this and not sure if I will, so I didn’t get her permission to use her pic… and I respect her sensitivity to that. (I know that makes me a total hypocrite... Cause I stole other people’s the last two weeks!!! But, hey, her kids are cute and I want to stay Wonderful Wonderful Aunt Katie to them!!) If you come across this Mrs Hand… you rock (your sister, too!!!) And, hey, I am sorry about that bump on your husband's nose - I never thought plastic plyers could break it!

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