Monday, January 19, 2015

T Minus 9 weeks!!!

Nine weeks sounds so much closer than 10 weeks!!
This will be my first full week with the new coach - so lots of time trials.  I also have a 5k (if the weather holds) Saturday.
Mostly this week, though... I am focusing on nutrition.  I had a blatant example Saturday of how garbage in makes me feel like garbage.  I know this - it isn't revolutionary... but donuts for breakfast haunted me the whole day.
By the time I got to the gym at 5pm, I was exhausted already!!  I cut my swim session short AND my bike session.  But of which were very difficult to do just the portions I did.
Today, I have shopped, cleaned, menu planned so this week I can make better choices.
I am looking forward to learning from the new coach and making sure the time I spend training is adding value and not just grinding minutes - wahoo!!! NINE WEEKS!!!

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