Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Day 5k race Report

I love a good New Year's Eve party - the friends, the promises, the drinks.... I even kind of like nursing the hang over on the sofa while half watching college football.
So I surprised myself when I decided to sign up for a New Years Day 5k.  I did go out to dinner ... AMAZING prix fixe at The Girl and The Goat with some very dear friends (that deserves its own race report!!)  I was a very good girl and had less that two glasses of wine... even when I was flipped off for being lame - whatever :)

The race was in Lincoln Park south of the zoo, an area I love to walk/run and enjoy - when it is warm!  It was about 24 degrees when I got out there at 10:30 this morning.  I kept walking and actually stayed quite warm.  How many layers does it take???
-full length leggings
-fleece lined leggings
-fleece lined knee high socks
-stretchy knit gloves
-thick warm gloves
-sports bra
-long sleeve tech shirt
-20 year old college sweatshirt
-super warm but thin running jacket with hood up
-hat (boys size 8-10 cause I have a super small skull!)
-and a scarf
I shed the hood and one pair of gloves before I finished, but honestly, was quite toasty the whole time.
Now... enough stalling, on to the run...
This wasn't as good as the 5k I did in November.  I have not been running enough.  I have been biking and swimming hard core, but the run is the hardest and most injury prone for me... so I don't do it enough.
Mile 1:Pace 14:40  The first mile was pretty good I ran the whole thing.
Mile 2: Pace 14:53 I walked the water station and had to really convince myself to keep running.  I am getting a small twinge on the top of one foot that flared up. 
Mile 3: Pace 15:11  This mile I walked the whole thing... and yes, my walk pace is only 18 seconds slower than my run pace... BOO!

I have got to get out and run on the pavement, even if it is only one single mile.  Even if it takes MORE time to bundle up than I spend running.  It wasn't a bad day... I did it and I finished... that is good.  But the next one will be better.

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