Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goals for 2015

I have already recapped what was a pretty good year... So let's look forward!

There is a page here on the blog for the races I have planned, so I am not going to make this a race list.  Rather what I plan to achieve by participating in those events:

  • First and Foremost... I am going to make a triathlete out of me!!
  • The focus on fuel and training as opposed to weight and grueling gym hours - I want to continue this.  It has been an amazing mental change and I look forward to riding this wave through 2015... and beyond
  • I will swim a mile
  • I will learn how to change my bike tire and a few other bike maintenance things.  I won't be 'that girl' who needs help!
  • 5k goal of 35 minutes.  
  • One new thing a month... physical - be it a new class, a new experience - something I have never done before... once a month
  • I will log several 100 mile weekends on the bike
  • Training hard is the goal, for sure... but most importantly I want to learn to listen to my body to avoid injury... while not using minor tweaks as an excuse
  • Learn to clip in on the bike!!
  • Become an active member of a local Tri Club.  I love the on line support, but I need some real bodies to interact, laugh, drink... oh, and train with.  My dear girlfriends are about worn out with my 'Crazy Talk'.
I feel these are achievable and stretch me enough to challenge but to not discourage.  I will check back in against this list as the new year rolls along.
What about you?  I would love to see the goals of others!!

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