Thursday, February 19, 2015


Because of this process #MakinATriathleteOutOfMe I am feeling so much stronger – not just physically, but mentally.  I see by my twitter feed that I often complain about the process of getting to the gym – but once I am there I am 100% in.  I haven’t skimped or cheated on a work once.  In fact, since September I have only missed 5 scheduled workouts since September 1st (excluding the bronchitis) … Five – Five days!! 

Friends keep asking me what motivates me – and I don’t have a good answer.  For some reason, training for a goal vs working out to lose weight or ‘be healthy’ makes skipping a session no longer an option.  It is another task/appointment on my day that will be completed – period.

I do often think of something I heard Apolo Ohno say in one of his videos leading up to his Kona appearance “Champions are made when no one is looking” (I am sure I have paraphrased) I get sentiment… I am not aiming for a podium finish, rather to finish in a place that I am proud of.  But I get it… All the sessions, and miles and minutes logged are useless – no matter who sees you… if you aren’t putting in the effort – Every.  Single.  Time.

Something about that frame of mind means I don’t need motivation to get the job done.

Does the question ‘How do you stay so motivate?’ sound weird to you?

Do you feel motivated most days?

Is motivation required to be successful??


  1. Hi,

    I followed you over from the IronFat blog. Yours is so much better because you're posting actual work-outs and actual times. Looks like you're preparing well for the Olympic distance.

    With stepping up your training, I'd like to suggest stepping up your bike. I see that you have a GMC Denali. While the frame is serviceable, the parts definitely aren't up to the rigors of training you're going to throw at it. I'd suggest a step up to something like a Trek Lexa. Sure it's more money, but you get shifters that shift smoothly and reliably and brakes that work as brakes should. Plus it's a bit less of a boat anchor.

    Good luck with your upcoming events!

  2. Hi - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The bike you are referring to is one I bought for 50 bucks off Craig's list and lives with family for my occasional visits. My home bike is a new Fuji. Ironically, I can go much faster on the old rust bucket!! But I do predict a new road bike in my very near future.