Monday, January 12, 2015

T minus 11 weeks!!

I have been training for my first triathlon since September... however, I am now within 12 weeks.  I picked out a 12 weeks to Tri training planning from  I went with the Olympic distance since that is my A race goal for the upcoming year.  However, the Tri in Sullivan in April is actually a Sprint. 

Here was the plan and how I did against it for the first official week:
Rest Day
24 minute run: Knocked this out quick and easy on the dreadmill during lunch at work.
80 minute bike: Worked from home due to extreme weather and might have taken a very long conference call from the trainer :)  Also... attended my first tri club meeting.  I am so excited to become active in that group and have some friends who are equally as crazy.  Just sitting there listening to what people were training for, how they make time... I felt a little less crazy than I usually do with my 'real' friends!!
Rest Day
24 minute swim & 48 minute bike
Nothing remarkable - got it done :)
40 minute swim & 64 minute bike
Actually did this on Sunday due tot he 5k flopping around.  This was the best swim set I have had so far.  I think I have found my race pace and that felt great.  The bike... whoa... up until now I have been watching Netflix from the trainer, but for these 1 hour and under sessions I am going to start using youtube cycling videos that guide you on when to up cadence and resistance.  TMI WARNING... I puked a little.  It was TOUGH.  For the record, I didn't stop - just did my business, threw my sweat towel off to the side and kept 'moving'.  MUCH better work out than Grey's Anatomy ..obviously :)
40  minute run
I had planned on racing a 5k Saturday, but it was about 15 below zero with the wind and I was worried about icy (read I am klutz... slip and fall) kind of conditions.  Instead, I ran on the treadmill.
Skipping the 5k race was a real bummer for me.    With only 11 weeks to go a sprained ankle or twisted knee would be devastating to my plan right now.  So, I opted for safety.

I flopped the Sunday/Saturday plan to accommodate the race that didn't happen

Total miles for the week - 49.2
Total time training - 5 hours 20 minutes

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