Sunday, January 18, 2015

T minus 10 weeks.... Progress

Here is the plan for T-10 Weeks to my first triathlon

Rest Day
26 minute run  One of the easiest fastest runs I have done.  I kept a 10 min mile pace and totaled 2.5 miles
88 minute bike Had to force myself on the bike, which is rare... but I got it done and kept a cadence around 80 pretty consistently... which was good.
Rest Day... or spend all the money, eat all the food day... I hired a Tri Coach... more on that as time moves along.
26 minute swim & 53 minute bike... good swim and GREAT ride... like the kind so good when you done you realize you are crying happy tears.  I love my bike!!

44 minute swim & 70 minute bike... I made bad food choices for breakfast with my son.  Then we went ice skating for a while.  By the time I got to the gym at 5pm I was exhausted!  I only managed a quick 20 minutes in the pool.  I straddled the bike for 60 minutes - it wasn't pretty, but better than not showing up at all.

44  minute run   So, I hired a coach... and this was her first day!  Of course, that means time trials this week.  Today I swam 500 y in 16:35... executing a non-embarrassing flip turn at the deep end on each lap - go me!!

Total for this week

Miles Moved

Time Trained
5 hours 20 min

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