Sunday, December 28, 2014

Recapping the Year... 2014

WOW!!  What a year I have had.  While my blogging for the physical changes have only been the last half of the year, my whole year has been pretty amazing.

  • I walked a half marathon in June
  • July and August I had some real good talks with my Ortho and decided to go through with the Euflexxa injections which have reduced my chronic knee pain to nearly zero most days
  • I bought a bike in August.... So much I can say about this, but in short - it has and I believe will continue to change my life
  • I picked up a 10+ year old bucket list goal to complete a triathlon.... and have viciously gone about the process of making a triathlete out of me
  • Triathlon Training took over the last three months of the year: 2 swims, 2 runs, 2 bikes, 1 long (discipline of choice), 1 Core and 1 strength session a week.  I followed through with this far more weeks than I didn't.
  • I walked a 5k for a charity near and dear to friend which led me to believe I could run one
  • So... I ran a 5k.. the whole damn thing
  • I signed up for a whole Training Vacation with Ironmen!!  Three whole days of swim/bike/run - repeat, with people just as obsessed as me!!
I am truly blessed with amazing friends who always know when to stand back and when to hold out a hand.  My beautiful children are becoming amazing adults of whom I am so very proud.  I became a Cookie (grandma) for the second time.
So yes, it has been a very good year...  I have loved, been hurt, won, lost and even surprised myself...
I am more than ready for a whole new year to begin.

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