Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Quasi Vacation Training Plan

Meet the Florida Komet :)

I am currently out of the winter weather and happy to be in Florida for a couple weeks.  I am not exactly on vacation as my job requires I check in a bit… but more importantly, my daughter is about to give birth to baby #2.  I am trying to be helpful to her around the house as waddling to the sofa is about all she can manage.  AND!  The best part… making sure grandbaby #1 is getting lots of fun and cuddles.  So it isn’t like I have buckets of time to train in this beautiful 70 degree weather.

But I am fitting it in.  I have been a bit quiet on the blog and twitter the last couple weeks due to my nasty annual go round with bronchitis.  It is mostly cleared up, but if I get moving too fast, laughing too hard or talking too much… all a risk with spending time with family – I get out of breath and the coughing starts again.  Regardless, I am determined to get out in this weather.

How am I going to fit in the Tri Training?

BIKE:  I found a road bike on craigs list for a whopping 50 bucks and picked it up yesterday.  It is just short enough for me with the seat all the way down so it will be just fine!!  It is a bit old and heavy, but my goal is time in the saddle and this will be great.  Besides – I can’t beat the price!  After my son-in-law lubed, aired and adjusted it for me I did manage a quick spin today which felt great!  Looking forward to a longer ride tonight.

SWIM: I also brought a wet suit to get some open water swimming logged while I am here.  My kids live on a military base and have a great little beach right here. I love swimming and being in the water so I am probably looking forward to this most of all!

RUN: The base has great running trails mapped out and even an app to navigate.  I have already been on a 3 mile brisk walk since I got in yesterday.  I am not sure the bronchitis laden lungs are going to allow a run, but I can do a good brisk walk for sure.

It is a bit difficult to make plans because my first priority is helping my daughter – but the goal is to get up early and ride then walk or swim in the evening when it gets quiet…. Until the baby comes and then we will have to revisit it all over again!!

I have really missed training/gym time while being so under the weather the last couple weeks and happy that I can be in sunny Florida!!

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