Friday, November 21, 2014

Week 7 Habits are Forming

What is that saying about XX days to a habit.  Training has truly become a habit for me.  Instead of looking for valid reasons I can’t work in a work out – I am rearrange things to make time for training.

A red day… I don’t know if it was having a post-race fall out or what.  But I did not work out and made bad food choices.  I am owning it and moving on.
Determined to get back on track.  Since I blew off the plan Wednesday I ‘pretended’ like I was just swapping the rest day.  So…  I got an outdoor run and a stationary bike at the gym in.  Being outside for a run – not a walk/run was great!!  Even if it was very cold.  I am not run/walking anymore.  The Hot Chocolate proved to me I can run… so I do.  Just not too far/long.
Swam in the morning, run at lunch and a core work out before heading out for dinner with the girls… that is a GREAT DAY!!  Really happy I made time to get it all in
Bike and elliptical block style at the gym.  I only did 30 minutes on each.  Next weekend I can up that to 45 minutes each.  I did… however, find a spin class style bike that isn’t in the spin room and that is a much better workout for me than the traditional stationary.
I had a birthday part to attend right in the middle of the day.  It would have been very easy to have one too many mimosas and skip the workout… but I went to the gym at5pm to swim a half mile.  44 times I touched the wall and said… not done yet J
The brick style work outs on the weekends are leaving the joints a bit more creaky and unstable than I would like.  As much as I hate it, I think I need two rest days.  So I am going to make Mondays a core workout.  Not total rest, but no joint issues.  (The kind of arthritis I have makes even swimming hard on the knees)
Commuting in Chicago was BRUTAL!  After 90 minutes outdoors in 18 degree weather… I worked from home.  Which meant I could get my swim in at lunch time.  Another half mile, time to up that  - but I really need a longer pool.  Frankly – I get sooooo freaking bored.  Half a mile is 44 lengths.  43 times I touch the wall and come up with a reason to stop… and so far, a better one to go on.  I am hoping the new gym has a longer pool.  Which it almost has to.  I think 40 is as short as they get to still offer ‘laps’.  Regardless… I DID IT
The Knees: The left knee has not been super happy this week.  I wore heels one day, which I desperately miss… and I think that has cause the issues.  I am popping advil again and back in flats hoping it is working itself out.  The bike doesn’t aggravate it, so no excuse to sit on the couch.

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