Monday, December 15, 2014

Back in the Saddle

Travelling is so much fun – I love to be out of town… different food, different views.  This trip I got a new grandbaby, too!!  I was gone for two whole weeks… just about too long, honestly.  I am just as happy to be home.  And back on my training plan.  I am going to ease back into training as I didn’t get in as much as I would like due to being Cookie (our word for Grandma) on call and the lingering bronchitis. 

 So this week just one work out a day.  But I am going to make it count!
Monday – Swim at least 45 min or ¾ of a mile which ever takes longer
Tuesday – Run 5k on elliptical
Wednesday – Weather looks like I might get in a ride outside… if not Run 5k on elliptical
Thursday – Rest Day
Friday – Hoping I can ease back in to two a days with a bike/swim
Saturday – Swim/Run
Sunday – Endurance Day… I pick one of the three and go longer in time or distance than I have before
Next Week : Two a days with a quiet work week and get the Core/Strength back on the schedule, too

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