Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why Wednesday

This Wednesday I am feeling good, strong, and just about back to full health.  That dumb bronchitis takes me a full month to get over.  But since I have been home I can take an almost full breath and am so happy to be on a training plan again.  I have three good work outs in three days… one bike, one swim and one run – I can feel the changes in my mood already.

Not that I wasn’t in a good place on vacation – I was surrounded by my daughter’s family and able to nurture and coddle and love them… which was awesome.  But in a different way.

Being home means I eat better, sleep better and train harder… and the sense of peace I have within is truly notable.

So this Wednesday, this feeling of peace and strength and confidence and calm.. is why I have decided to make myself an athlete again.  When I train and eat well I feel better.

Is there a better reason???

I am not a very consistent blogger, but I like the idea of doing this topic for a while.  When I feel like it :)

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