Saturday, December 6, 2014

Have I mentioned... I love this biking thing??

The Florida Komet is working out just fine while I stay with my kids on a military base and await grandbaby #2.  And I am so happy to be able to ride while I am visiting the kids.  I think they are happy for mom to GO AWAY for an hour, and I have desperately missed that endorphin rush I get from the bike.  Today on my ride I saw US Air Force planes lifting off and landing at the strip here on base, lots and lots of young (and some not so young) men and women going about the daily business of defending our country.  Regardless of politics, my heart swells with pride to see every single airman/woman I pass.
There is also a super cool aircraft museum that has a few dozen huge old AvGeek Eye Candy on display.  That will get your heart rate going... well mine!  I majored in Aviation and a plane does the same to me that Channing Tatum  does to other women.

I have been fighting my annual round of bronchitis for three weeks now and not much training has taken place.  Which is ok... I guess, because that is the right thing.  But I have been on such a roll I miss it... I miss the bike rides and especially the rush that comes from climbing a hill and tapping out speed (and dropping boys... though I am the only rider here).  But the decision to buy this inexpensive bike off craigs list has allowed me to get back it while the weather is SOOOOO Much nicer in Florida than Chicago :)
I climbed on the bike a couple times earlier this week but only for 10-15 minutes as it needed the chain lubed and I had to get an adapter to air one tire (One had a presta plug and one an old school one)  But both of those were resolved today.  So I hit it!!
I definitely go faster on this road bike, so fast I had to stop at one point because my bronchitis lungs were not... NOT happy.  Once I caught my breath and talked myself out of the personal race I really enjoyed a 12mph ride back to the kids' home.

Not great speed and only an hour... but I got the rush and was so happy to get even a short ride in :)

Next up... The new bike needs the shifters/derailleurs adjusted - and I have watched enough youtube videos I think I can do it tomorrow... If this cutie doesn't become a big brother over night - then we will have to go to plan b!!

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