Friday, December 26, 2014

Popsicle Stick Workout

I love Pinterest.... I have a serious Pinterest problem... that I intend to do NOTHING about!!
Mostly because it gives me so many great ideas... like this one!

We all waste time standing around, even if it is only a few seconds here and there.  I decided to make the popsicle workouts for two times - 1: in the kitchen.  We all wait one more minute for the oven time to ding, or the coffee to finish.  I am going to use these tiny little motivators to keep moving and hopefully make sure my metabolism gets a few tiny little bursts in the day.
I can also use them while on the sofa watching TV.  We all know those commercials are the best time to be moving and get an extra burn built into the day - I will use these for that purpose.
I decided to make four groups and ideally I will select one from a different group each time until they are all done.  Then start over.
Here are the groupings I made:

-25 Bicep Curls
-25 Kick Backs
-20 Overhead Press
-25 Tight Arm Circles (front and back)
-20 Pivoting Upper Cuts

-30 Calf Raises
-20 PliƩ Squats
-50 High Knees
-10 Squats
-30 Second Wall Sit

-20 Oblique Crunches
-30 Second Bicycle
-20 Crunches
-20 Russian Twists
-30 Second Leg Scissor

-10 Burpees
-90 Seconds Jog In Place
-20 Lunges
-50 Jumping Jacks
-5 Jumping Squats

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