Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Training Log Week Six

I didn’t post Week Five because I was on vacation with the kiddos and grandbaby.  I did about ½ of the workouts I had planned and ate – okish.  I did, however, scope out the situation for December when I will head back to spend two weeks there.  I will be renting a road bike, getting in some open water swims and can use the gym on the base… all in between taking care of my daughter, son in law, grandson and new baby!!  I hope I can get at least two hours a day in sweat time since I will not be working.  Any rate…
Week Six
I was able to work from home and got a half hour in the pool before work started off.  I focused on breathing from both sides of the stroke.  This is new for me but given how much more sore my right arm is when I don’t .. I need to get better at this.  Then at lunch time I got in a 16 mile ride.  I was getting nervous about the 5k and getting in a swim/bike twofer helped calm the nerves.
Rest day – this week it was also Book Club day… which is my favorite day of the month.  Resting was not difficult today J
Another lunch time ride for 16 miles.  This 16 mile ride has become very easy and is now my short ride.  When I bought the bike in August 16 miles was a long ride  - I am loving seeing my progress.  Friday night I hit the pool for some timed laps.  I swam 400m in under 8 minutes.  This was a great improvement for me!!  I logged a half mile for the first time.
I was looking down the barrel of my first 5k and I decided I didn’t need to do anything to make that more difficult.  I realize that a 5k is a rest day for many – but being able to do well at this event was important to me and I felt resting was the best plan.  So I did!  I did some crafting, laundry, cleaned the house and generally took it easy.
Hot Chocolate 5k!!! I did it!  I ran all but a couple short blocks and I felt great!!  Full details here  I am so proud of having RUN this and this makes the goal of Triathlon so much more attainable to me!  I am reinspired all over again!!  (And a new color – Blue for a personal best)
The weather in Chicago is getting cold, but the days are also getting quite short – with sunset around 4:30!  I rode the bike in to work and back home, but I couldn’t make the longer loop on the way home or I wouldn’t have made it before dark.  The weather was 56 degrees with the wind at my back the whole way home.  It was a really great ride and such a reminder of why I have made these changes in my life.  Meal prep is on track so I am fueling well this week.
Up early to swim… I set three alarms just to make myself get out of bed.  And I did… which is a win all in itself.  To be honest, I didn’t work super hard, but I didn’t stop or quit.  I worked on the breathing and just went back and forth for 30 minutes.  I didn’t count laps, but I didn’t stop for more than a couple seconds either.  I am glad I did it, but I think the Friday night swims are much more productive to building skill/time.

I am contemplating joining a different gym that has an active Tri group.  It is pretty pricy, but less than a coach, BUT not as convenient as where I am.  At 5 in the morning.. convenience is king.  And I could use some folks in my life who get this obsession!! 

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