Thursday, November 13, 2014

Winter Is coming and I am ranting...

Meh.. I had a bad day.  Only the second time in six weeks I have blown off my training plan for no good reason.  I might be coming down with a bug… but I might just be pissy over this CRAP weather that has come to Chicago.  I hate winter.  No…. I FUCKING HATE THE GOD DAMN COLD AND SNOW and shit and stuck in side and holidays (yeah, I said it) and darkness and boredom and confinement that comes with Chicago WINTER.  So I pouted, worked from home, ate crap and didn’t work out.  I am painting the day red on the training plan and owning it.
New day… Thursday is usually a rest day but since I ummmm rested yesterday, today I am going to get on track.  I have a good bike work out planned for lunch time and will make better food choices… at each meal!

Meanwhile, from the couch… I have convinced myself I am changing gyms.  The one closest to my home is dingy, really kind of yucky… but functional, eh.  I only go there to swim really in the good weather.  Now that it is cold and miserable I will have to hit the gym much much more.  I just can’t take that ugly dirty place this winter so I am going to spend some real coin and upgrade to the Fancy Gym…. And while I am throwing away disposable income… I am signing up for the TriMonsters program, too!  They have computrainers available alllll day!  I love the idea of being able to ride my own bike and not those miserable one size fits all gym beasts.
With the grandbaby due any day now, I will wait until I get back – but mid Dec at the latest I will be rockin the new gym… That is exciting.

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