Friday, November 14, 2014

First Cold Weather Run

I ran today… I completed the Hot Chocolate on Sunday and Friday(today) is the first time I got outside and ran on pavement since that time.  My knees were pretty tender Monday and Tuesday and Thursday I kept on the elliptical at the gym.  I am really worried about causing an injury, hence the nursing of the knees. But today I just wanted to get outside and  breath some fresh air! 
So I did.  I bundled up and told myself... 30 minutes, I can do anything but Rap Music for 30 minutes.  I have started listening to books on tape instead of music because they don’t have a 3 ½ minute switch.  I find that I play games with 'one more song then you can walk'.  But with the books, I get really into it and there is no logical stopping point... so I don't stop!
Today I didn’t want to get to far from home since I had to be on a conference call in 45 minutes so I just wove up and down the side streets off my road.  That worked out really well.  And I covered more ground that I would have thought. 
My pace was slow, but I didn’t hurt – not one single step.  And I felt great to be outside, listening to my book (Gone Girl right now) and working up a little sweat.  I had a rough day Wednesday and instead of letting that pull me down I am back at it and moving forward.
Life is good

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