Saturday, March 21, 2015

Green Beer 5k Review

Another 5k in the books and I am loving this race distance.
Packet pick up was at Fleet Feet in Old Town and very organized.  Grabbed a few single packs of nutrition ideas I haven't had the chance to try before and was out the door in less than 5 minutes.
The coach had a meal plan for the day before (smoothi for bfast, carb/protien lunch, salmon and sweet potato and ice cream for dinner) which I followed.
I had a 100 calorie bagel thin with cream cheese and bacon bit about an hour before I left the house.  Going to try something else next time as I think that didn't help the mile 2 issue laer in the day.
A 9:00 am start at Soldier Field meant I took an Uber and had 20 ish minutes to stretch and relax before we started.  The weather was clear and bright but cool in the low 40s.
There was a little confusion around waves but I ended up starting close to the front and I think that helped me keep on pace.  Mile one I was under 12 min which was my goal.  After the turn around/half way point I realized how much I really was in the middle of the pack instead of the back and I got super excited!  So excited I sped up so much I got sick... :25 seconds I will never get back!  Darn.
The last half with the sicking and the wind in my face was much rougher and I walked about .75 of a mile.  Which I did not want to do.
However, I finished in 40:55 three minutes faster than January- so I take the win!!
And, earned my first ever race bling!!!  I had my favorite post race meal of hard rootbeer and the best grilled cheese in town a Cheesies :)

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