Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bike Decision - input requested!!

I am going to buy a road bike in the next few weeks.  I have been drooling over Cervelos for years and can afford one.

However, the location to buy is extremely inconvenient AND in a town like Chicago, I don’t think I could ever lock that bike up and take a run.  To me it is like the Rolex.

However… the Timex (Fuji) is sold at the shop closest to me.  I was a single mom for about 15 years and always bought a grade down and did without to provide for my kids.  The Fuji is perfectly fine for where I am and would be safe locked up – but it isn’t sexy.

OOOORRR…. I could go with a Trek – middle of the road, great quality.  And take my loyalty somewhere else.

What do you do?  Money is no object – treat yourself to something that is kind of a liability, buy the budget but dependable brand and reward amazing customer service or get the middle of the road with a company you have no affinity with but get a decent quality bike?


  1. Get the bike you want anything less will bug you.

    Plan routes that will keep bike safe if you do brick sessions.

    skimping on the bike will result in you not enjoying it much

  2. Thanks for the input! Going to get fit for all three in the next week or so and see if that helps with the decision :)

  3. You could get this Fuji:

    But really the question is, tri bike or regular road bike? I'd say if you're hitting 18 mph average speeds AND you're a competent and comfortable bike handler, consider a tri bike. Slower than about 18 mph average speed and the aero position won't get you much.

  4. Thanks John - with were I ride regularly I think road is the right call for this go round :)
    Leaning towards the Fuji... Customer service means so much more than the label and my bike shop is very good to me