Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Goals Check Point... 1Q15

I made some goals for myself to start out the year and I thought a quarterly check point was a good idea.  The originals are just copy/pasted below and I have added my dated comments.
"To reach a goal ..." | 'Try a little harder to be a little better:' New Year's encouragement from Mormon leaders | Deseret News

  • First and Foremost... I am going to make a triathlete out of me!!

    • 1Q15 On track for 4/11/15  I have been training and reading and shopping and otherwise getting myself ready
  • The focus on fuel and training as opposed to weight and grueling gym hours - I want to continue this.  It has been an amazing mental change and I look forward to riding this wave through 2015... and beyond

    • 1Q15 I could do better, but I am learning.  My coach is really big on nutrition and I have learned so much: fat with fruit prevents blood sugar spikes, white flour does make my joints achy, prepping meals on Sunday IS possible
  • I will swim a mile

  • Just Keep Swimming' Chalkboard Print by Doodli-Do's on

    • 1Q15 Uh, yeah... I got this one checked off! I swim a mile in one session OFTEN!  Hitting that wall 71 times and not giving in to the devil on my shoulder feels great!  I am looking forward to upping this goal over the year
  • I will learn how to change my bike tire and a few other bike maintenance things.  I won't be 'that girl' who needs help!

    • 1Q15 Took a workshop, have the tools, know the basics so this is a check.  Next is to practice so I am efficient... think race time!
  • 5k goal of 35 minutes.  

    • 1Q15 I am getting closer.  4/21/15 I was just over 40 minutes.  I think this goal IS achievable this year (For the record my coach thinks I can get to 30 minutes!!!)
  • One new thing a month... physical - be it a new class, a new experience - something I have never done before... once a month

    • Jan - Ice skating with the kid... eh, I wasn't very good so I didn't like it
    • Feb - Yoga... I haven't tried it in at least 15 years so it counts as new.  I also was not good at this but I kind of dig it.  I feel it is a much better stretch than foam rolling
  • I will log several 100 mile weekends on the bike

    • 1Q15 This is a summer time goal... It is gonna happen!
  • Training hard is the goal, for sure... but most importantly I want to learn to listen to my body to avoid injury... while not using minor tweaks as an excuse

    • 1Q15 This isn't as measurable, but I am injury free and I feel - with the coach's help, I am progressing and pushing but not straining.  I'd like to be further along, but if the upside to slow progress is health... I am going with slow.
  • Learn to clip in on the bike!!

    • 1Q15 I feel like such a cool kid!!  I started during the winter on the trainer and had my first outdoor clipped in ride in March.... Life is good :)
  • Become an active member of a local Tri Club.  I love the on line support, but I need some real bodies to interact, laugh, drink... oh, and train with.  My dear girlfriends are about worn out with my 'Crazy Talk'.

    • 1Q15 I have joined, I attend meetings, I even talk to people, getting to 'know' a few... which has reminded me how introverted in new situations I can be.  I am looking forward to 'the season' so I can race with and cheer for these folks.

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